Somehow, I ended up marrying an elementary school teacher who loves working in international schools and insists upon moving around the world every few years. Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Malaysia; where next?! And so you might be wondering about me (or the former version of me)… What happened to my career? Where did that marketing consultant and university lecturer go?
At the end of our days in Kazakhstan, I actually began considering the idea of working from home. But then it really happened. From drop-shipping to blogging, I tried it - desperate to fill my time and transform my career. I needed an avenue to pursue my professional passion; the idea was to work from home, not dependent on a location or set work hours, definitely not office work. This had to fit in a suitcase, manageable and sustainable from any country in the world with no need for capitol to get started. I discovered the jewellery niche, but was disappointed in the quality of products and lack of personal responsibility; others being the suppliers, myself just a middle man. And so, I decided to take it upon myself… one problem, I was not a jewellery maker. Being familiar with some construction materials, concrete made sense: available everywhere and easily manipulated. The beautiful thing about concrete jewellery is that the final product can be given different characteristics, shapes, textures and colors yet no two pieces are the same; no two pieces sold, not even sold together. Possibilities with concrete are limitless.
I started making jewellery and home decor out of concrete. “Concreted by Arash Davar” was born in a small kitchen in Kuala Lumpur. It’s an unusual precious fashion made of the roughest and rawest material on earth.