It seems easy at the beginning!

As a vision, it appears simple and achievable. But right after that first step, the rocks in the path become visible. Without enough strength or faith, we shall fall to our knees.

Generally, I don't believe in planning (it never worked for me). However, since starting with e-commerce and concrete design, I've had to do everything on my own which has required organised planning. I have become a photographer, marketer, manager, box maker, designer, web designer and specialist in concrete 💂, and still fully involved in production. My days have filled with online photography courses and endless YouTube tutorials to get me through Adobe everything. It's like a one-man band, except I make concrete rather than music.

I've had my own company before, owned and managed. However, the this is a new thing - no employees, no assistant, no help! I was totally unaware, unprepared; where was the warning, the flashing red light? Before starting, I watched tons of vlogs and read plenty of blogs on starting an e-commerce business. Of course, all of them made it so, so easy. It is not impossible, just ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. 

Not giving up has been a difficult task at times -having self-motivation would probably help- or have a great partner who supports you through and through (Sativa Davar in my case 😘).